Scar + Stretch Mark Treatment

Scar + Stretch Mark Treatment

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By far our most popular product in the Medi Skin Saver range! Our Scar and Stretch Mark Treatment is recommended by some of the top plastic surgeons around the globe! Packed with a potent blend of nourishing rosehip oil, rejuvenating vitamin B5, soothing aloe vera and anti-in ammatory green tea, vitamin E and liquorice root, this lotion will help fade and attend stretch marks as well as scars post-surgery.


For Stretch Marks:

Medi SkinSaver will keep your skin moisturised to ensure stretch marks are less likely by simply sealing in moisture and improving the texture and tone of the skin. The Vitamin E in Medi SkinSaver increases skin suppleness, promotes elasticity and deeply nourishes and softens the skin.

By keeping the skin hydrated you can help maintain the elastin that your skin needs to fight scarring.


To treat post-operation scars*:

​It is best to start early with the treatment of scars. Massage is extremely effective when combined with Medi SkinSaver, a natural solution that is gentle on the skin, reducing overall scar build up whilst helping to soften and flatten the scar.

Gently massage into scars two weeks after sutures are removed and scabs have fallen off. Consult your physician if in doubt over when to commence treatment. Apply morning and night.


Directions for use:

Gently massage Medi SkinSaver Scar and Stretch Mark Treatment onto skin morning and night to soften and flatten scar tissue, thereby reducing overall scar build up.


Main Ingredients

Rosehip Oil, Vitamin B5, Green Tea, Liquorice Root, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E