Facial Oil

Facial Oil

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A beautiful, gentle oil for when your skin is in need of extra hydration! Medi Skin Saver's Facial Oil is a high potency formula rich in skin rejuvenating Vitamins A & C, plus CoQ10 - an enzyme that hydrates and protects the skin. These ingredients are scientifically proven to enhance both the skin's appearance and signs of ageing.

Directions For Use:
Apply Medi Skin Saver's Facial Oil to the orbital bone around the eyes (not on the soft parts, as it will naturally have a spreading effect).

Use Medi SkinSaver Facial Oil according to how your skin feels. Your skin will vary with how you feel and what the weather is doing. Sometimes your skin may need an extra boost with added facial oil, other times it may just feel like it needs moisturiser only.

To combat dryer skin use in conjunction with Medi Skin Saver's Moisturiser. Add a few drops to the moisturiser and gently rub into skin for that extra boost.  


Main Ingredients:
Rosehip Oil, Vitamins  A, C & E, Rosemary Leaf Extract, CO Enzyme Q10